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22.08.15 Maim 7" released
Out now: MAIM (us) - With Dawn Comes Death 7" (NPP016). Nightmares tend to be awfully vivid. You are glad when you wake up, just as you are about to drop through the trap of the gallows, or having a knife thrust into your body. Maim provides one of those nightmares in musical form, but not one to let you wake up that easily. Their music is true Swedish death metal, so foul, doomy and gritty, every rotation on the turntable is another thrust of the knife. A horror from which you cannot wake up, you can only cling to the hope that with dawn comes death!

24.03.15 Ritual Chamber 12"EP released
Out now: RITUAL CHAMBER (us) - The Pits of Tentacled Screams 12"EP (NPP017, co-release with Duplicate Records). Ritual Chamber is the most recent project of the prolific Dario J. Derna (aka Numinas), most well known for his work with the legendary Infester (who released the evil sounding death metal masterpiece To the Depths...In Degradation in 1994), as well as drumming for Drawn and Quartered from 2002-2012, among the many other entries on his résumé (Krohm, Vetus Obscurum, Evoken, and Funebrarum among others). This demo, entitled The Pits of Tentacled Screams, is the first Ritual
Chamber release and features Derna on all instruments. An ominous and oppressive amalgam of the darkest and dirtiest in death metal, such as Infester, Nuclear Death, Immortal Fate, and Autopsy - Shitfun, this demo reeks of the glorious stench of cadaverine. Amid the glut of Death Metal releases over the past decade, Ritual Chamber stands out in its ability to conjure a melancholic aura while retaining the intensity and focused precision of classic Death Metal. This is due, no doubt, to the nearly 25 years that Derna has dedicated to honing his skills in playing some of the most evocative Death and Black Metal produced in the United States.

08.12.14 Lobotomized - Norwegian Trash LP re-press
Out now: LOBOTOMIZED (no) - Norwegian Trash LP (2nd press). The first 500 copies of LOBOTOMIZED's debut album Norwegian Trash sold out pretty fast, and a re-press of 500 copies on shit brown vinyl has been printed. In the webshop now. Co-release with Apocalyptic Empire Records.

12.10.14 Morbo LP released
Out now: MORBO (it) - Addiction to Musickal Dissection LP (NPP015, co-release with Demonhood Productions). 'Addiction to Musickal Dissection' is the long awaited debut full-length from Italy's deathmongers Morbo. After dwelling in the underground for half a decade, the time has come to unleash their nasty, blood-drenched, atrocious death metal upon the underground, the kind of odorous grime that you'd get from mixing real life's horrors, the dark side of the human mind and the nastiest elements of bands such as Autopsy, Necrophagia, Possessed, Master, early Death, Rigor Mortis, Nihilist / Entombed, Repulsion,
Sadistic Intent and Massacre. Displaying a brutal and massive production and featuring a terrific cover art by Adam Geyer, 'Addiction to Musickal Dissection' is one of 2014's highlights in Death rotting Metal!"

12.10.14 Execration - Morbid Dimensions
My friends in EXECRATION have just released their new album Morbid Dimensions through Duplicate Records (Norway) and Hells Headbangers (USA). This magnum opus, clocking in at exactly one hour, is a more than worthy follow-up to their previous album Odes of the Occult, which was nothing short of a classic, in my book! The Norwegian death metal scene is thriving these days, with bands like Obliteration, Diskord, Katechon, Reptilian and Gouge, and Execration is definitely one of the best bands this scene has to offer. I have some copies in the distro, or head on the websites of the labels who released it. Check out the Execration website for samples.

02.09.14 Out now on LP and CD: Diskord - Oscillations
New mini-album from my band Diskord out now, called Oscillations. As always, the style is dark, doomy retro-futuristic techno-death metal. 6 songs, 25 minutes. According to one of the reviews, you can expect "somewhere between Darkthrone's Soulside Journey and early Atheist in sound" (Metalreviews.com). You can watch a music video we did from the
first song called Horrid Engine here. The LP version is released by Hellthrasher Productions in Poland (half red), and Australopithecus Records in the USA (half blue). Digipak CD by Hellthrasher. I have all three versions in the webshop. www.hellthrasher.com

10.06.14 Kill-Town Death Fest 2014
The Danish festival Kill-Town Death Fest is sadly entering its last year. If you're ever going to make it to this incredible event, this is your chance, before it's too late. Five years, five festivals, which will go down in history as some of the biggest and best death metal events that were ever held! This year including two legendary US cult bands, Imprecation and Cianide, as well as great bands such as Dead Congregation, Anatomia, God Macabre, Bombs of Hades, Bölzer, Centinex, Detest, Gouge, Krypts, Moondark, Obliteration, Ritual Necromancy, Undergang, Auroch, Ataraxy, Irkallian Oracle, Lvcifyre, Mitochondrion, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, and more! http://www.killtowndeathfest.dk

21.11.13 Obliteration - Black Death Horizon
My friends in Obliteration have just released their third magnum epos, Black Death Horizon. The sky seems to be the limit for these guys, who have just finished a two week tour with Swedish death metal band Degial. In addition to being signed to the successful Norwegian label Indie Recordings (Satyricon, Enslaved etc.), the album is licensed in the US to Relapse Records, and both labels seem to have invested heavily in the album, making it available in all formats, and a string of vinyl configurations. The youngsters from the sleepy township of Kolbotn right
outside Oslo still play epic death metal, but, as the album title implies, have this time incorporated even more elements of black and thrash metal, and a raw, punkish attitude and sound. The strangely obscure artwork is made by the multi-talented drummer Kristian. I have copies of the Indie Recordings LP available in the webshop, in several color configurations. To listen to some samples, head on the official Black Death Horizon Bandcamp.

18.08.13 Diskord - Doomscapes CD re-release
My band Diskord's debut album Doomscapes from 2007 has been re-released on CD by the Polish label Hellthrasher Productions. The original press of 1,000 copies was done by the now defunct Edgerunner Music. The re-release is done in the vein of the original, but with technically improved layout, including upgrade from 8 to 12
page booklet (the hand-written lyrics in the original were somewhat illegible). Our second demo Aural Abjection from 2003 is included as bonus on a separate disc, it contains a few exclusive songs that didn't make it to the album. I have copies in stock, but you can also go to the Hellthrasher website to secure a copy.

19.06.13 Kill-Town Death Fest 2013
The great Kill-Town Death Fest in Denmark consolidates its position as the world's leading underground death metal festival. See you there! Exhumed (us), Death Strike (us), Rottrevore (us), Convulse (fin), Tribulation (swe), Pentacle (nl), Blaspherian (us), Drowned (d), Lantern (fin), Entrails (swe), Ataraxy (es), Cadaveric Fumes (fr), Engulfed (tr), Essenz (d), Ogdru Jahad (dk), Sulphurous (dk), Reverie (dk), Alchemyst (d), Obscure Infinity (d), Katechon (n), Anhedonist (us), Indesinence (uk), Funeralium (fr), Into Darkness (it), Ophis (d), Apothecary (dk). http://www.killtowndeathfest.dk

06.06.13 Lobotomized - Norwegian Trash LP released
Out now: LOBOTOMIZED (no) - Norwegian Trash LP (NPP014). LOBOTOMIZED's debut album Norwegian Trash is an aggressive mishmash of putrid metal and dirty punk appropriately classified as trash metal by the band themselves. Drawing inspiration from such diverse and deadly institutions as ABSCESS, ANAL BABES, GG ALLIN, DOOMED, DISSIMILIS and NORWEGIAN DANSEBAND et cetera, a highly potent mix reeking of putrefaction is brewed. Ironically this somewhat demented approach to the music offers the metal scene something authentic, savvy and fresh in all
its primitive, counterfeit oldness. The album features contributions from Eric Cutler (AUTOPSY), Arne Willy Foss (OLE IVARS), Rune Rudberg, Stian Carstensen (FARMERS MARKET), Petter Baarlie (BACKSTREET GIRLS) and Dopi (MACHETAZO) amongst many other raunchy hoboes. Lobotomized is not approved by anyone! 500 copies on black vinyl. Split release between No Posers Please!, Apocalyptic Empire Records and Hobotomized Records.

28.03.13 Diskord - Doomscapes LP released
Out now: DISKORD (no) - Doomscapes LP (NPP013). Debut album from 2007, first time on vinyl. "DOOMSCAPES is a dark and impenetrable abstract wall concealing a horrifying sonic landscape in pink where up is down, night is day and clear is unclear. A swirling beanstalk of doomy old school death metal intertwining with fast and slow diversified sounds to create the absolute meltdown of your senses and ultimately guiding you to the innermost, reptilian part of your brain." Half and half black and custom pink vinyl, in foil stamped sleeve, including 4 panel insert. 525 numbered copies.

02.01.13 Diskord - Dystopics tape released
My band Diskord's sophomore album Dystopics has been released on tape. The label responsible is Portugal's Escaravelho Records, who also released our first album Doomscapes on the glorious tape format. This new tape is limited to only 100 copies, and included with each copy is a woven logo patch
and a lighter. The lighter also has a bottle opener, so it can be used to open or light up your preferred substance for the ultimate listening pleasure. You can order your copy from my webshop, or head on to the Escaravelho Records website.

We have also been given a great prime time spot at the annual Inferno Festival here in Norway, which will as always take place throughout Easter in downtown Oslo. Among the headliners will be the legendary Deicide. Also performing at the festival is the No Posers Please! band Morbo from Italy. Actually it's their first show ever! Hope to see as many of you as possible there, let us celebrate the merciless crucifixion of Christ together! www.infernofestival.net

21.09.12 Crypts of Eternity #5
If you want to keep track with the current resurgence of death metal, then there is one particular zine you need to follow, the great Peruvian Crypts of Eternity, out now in its fifth incarnation. Editor Ricardo has a good nose for which bands are worth lending your ear to (and reading about), relentlessly hunting down bands without following any trends. The magazine started out as a small, cute pocket size pamphlet, but has now grown into a death metal monster! Each issue now features a couple of old bands from the past as well, but the zine is definitely mostly about what's going on in today's scene. In #5, hot from the press in Peru, I am fortunate to be extensively interviewed with
my band Diskord, and also my good friends Execration are featured. Highlights for this issue are talks with great bands such as Grave Ritual, Undergang and Mausoleum, as well as interviews with people such as the hard working Matt from Dark Descent Records. Old bands featured this time are some favourites of mine, namely Cenotaph and Morpheus Descends. www.myspace.com/criptasdeeternidad

02.08.12 Kill-Town Death Fest 2012
Time for the third Kill-Town Death Fest in Denmark, again spawning a killer lineup of great death metal bands. This time, a death doom Sunday has been added as well. SADISTIC INTENT (us), MASTER (us/cz), NECROS CHRISTOS (ger), HOODED MENACE (fin), ESOTERIC (uk), INTERMENT (swe), VERMINOUS (swe), MORBUS CHRON (se), VOIDS OF VOMIT (it), CORPSESSED (fin), EXECRATION (no), CHURCH BIZARRE (dk), TYRANNY (fin), RITUALIZATION (fr), MAVETH (fin), CRYPTBORN (fin), PUSTULATION (dk), FLESHLESS (cz), SWALLOWED (fi), UNDEAD CREEP (it), GENERAL SURGERY (se), NECROCURSE (se), ZOM (ie), MOLD (dk), CHAOS ECHOES (fr). See you there! http://www.killtowndeathfest.dk

01.06.12 Diskord + Execration European tour June 2012
My band Diskord and our good friends Execration will go on a small tour in June, playing Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and perhaps a few more countries. Hope to see you there! Here's the link to the event: http://www.facebook.com/events/302742739794265. The tour poster is also on our website: http://www.diskord.net

05.05.12 Morbo 7" and Haemophagus / Repuked 7" released
OUT NOW - NPP009 HAEMOPHAGUS (it) / REPUKED (se) split 7"
The Sicilian death grind powerhouse HAEMOPHAGUS hooks up with orchestra of smudge REPUKED from the unswept outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Repuked invoke their home territory's early 90's death, but with a dark, punkish Abscess vibe, while the Sicilians play their own brand of death metal, which includes some rock n'roll and Repulsion style grinding thrown into the toxic mix of hair-raising horror death grind. Green vinyl, including poster size insert. 500 numbered copies.

OUT NOW - NPP010 MORBO (it) - Eternal City of the Dead 7"
Italy's MORBO will suck you down into the guts of a rotten planet, darkbathing you in radioactive material of atrocious, grizzly death metal horror. You are left caged in a restless void, the ETERNAL CITY OF THE DEAD! Coverart by Ironworx. Red vinyl, including poster. 510 numbered copies.

11.04.12 Execration CD released
OUT NOW - NPP012 EXECRATION (no) - Odes of the Occult CD digipak
Split release between No Posers Please! and Duplicate Records. "EXECRATION's second album, following 2008's "Syndicate of Lethargy". "Odes of the Occult" contains 9 tracks of vicious, evil death metal. It parts with the percussive style of previous releases in favor of a wider set of influences drawing from death metal, doom and cult black metal. In 50+ minutes, "Odes of the Occult" will make your ears bleed from dark, brutal doom-laced death metal chemically cleansed of any "modern" death metal tricks."

03.04.12 Diskord - Dystopics released
OUT NOW - NPP011 DISKORD (no) - Dystopics LP + CD digipak

"While every offering from Norway's Diskord is bursting at the seams with twisted and outlandish creativity, "Dystopics" takes the meaning of "obscure" to entirely new levels. Right from the first tones of the opening track "Entropic Death" the death metal connoisseur is treated to riffs so nerve-wreckingly old school and exquisite one would think the tunes were tested in some death metal lab to ensure maximum rapture. Add to that the vintage sound and "Dystopics" is up there with the old school classics. Loosening neck muscles is all well and good but Diskord is a band that aims to thoroughly fracture the mind behind the convulsing body. The pace is sometimes surprising, and the songs are totally eccentric in their exploratory rendering of death metal. That means expert use of doomy sludge, blast beats and everything in between. The mind-twisting structures and ravening brutality of songs like "Overseer" amount to a blunt but sophisticated emotional blitz. The alienating lyrics target and dissect those urges that are left simmering in the back of your brain, -even after a death metal gig. Once heard there is absolutely no place to seek comfort from the twelve tracks on "Dystopics". An album made possible only by die-hard death metal ethics and an equally die-hard drive to rip the vulnerable sanity from the screaming mind of humanity." (description by Bjørnar Hagen)

27.11.11 Death metal comp
Hopefully you're well aware of the well-written webzine Nocturnal Cult, which has been in service for several years now, covering metal and tequila(!). If not, then please check it out here. Me and the editor Brad have been writing to each other for years, but we've never met, due to me being in Norway, and him living at the other side of the planet, on Hawaii. Just for fun, we have put together a homemade compilation (call it a digital mixtape, if you will) of old, mostly overlooked or somewhat underrated death metal bands, that deserve more recognition than history has allowed them so far. Feel free to download it here, and if you like what you hear, please support the bands by buying their available records. The tracklisting is as follows:
Disgrace (Finland) = Debt of Gods (1991)
Traumatic (Sweden) = The Hole (1996)
Convulse (Finland) = False Religion (1992)
God Macabre (Sweden) = In Grief (1993)
Devastation (USA) = Devastation (1986)
Cenotaph (Mexico) = Ashes In The Rain (1992)
Burial (USA) = Victims of Drowning (1991)
Eternal Dirge (Germany) = Out of the Eons (1992)
Carbonized (Sweden) = Monument (1991)
Absu (USA) = Immortal Sorcery (1991)
Funebre (Finland) = The Walls Held Screams (1991)
Bloodstone (Sweden) = Shadow World (1995)
Cadaver (Norway) = Bodily Trauma (1990)
Atrocity (Germany) = Humans Lost Humanity (1989)
Gorement (Sweden) = Darkness Of The Dead (1994)
Depravity (Finland) = Silence of the Centuries (1993)

14.07.11 Execration - Odes of the Occult released
The Norwegian death metal scene is alive and well! My friends in Execration have just released their new album Odes of the Occult, and it's a pleasure for me to report that this album is in my opinion a huge step up from their previous efforts. In fact, I find it so good, that together with bands like Obliteration and hopefully my own band Diskord, I hope this will help put Norway on the death metal map as a force to be reckoned with. The music on Odes is still
founded on dark, brutal death metal in the vein of Immolation and Dead Congregation, but now also incorporating atmospheric elements of both doom and black metal, where bands like Necros Christos and Deathspell Omega come to mind. The vocal department is also much more varied between high and low pitched vocals, which has been a huge step up in the live department too, their recent release gig in Oslo was by far the best Execration show I have witnessed. If you want to listen, go to their website, where you will find all appropriate links, or check out a Youtube clip here. The album is released on double vinyl with neat looking gatefold sleeve. I have some copies in my distro, or you can get it directly from the band, or from the labels Duplicate Records (Norway) and Vendlus Records (USA).

23.06.11 Kill-Town Death Fest 2011
It's time for the second Kill-Town Death Fest in Denmark, fully on par with last year's amazing lineup. FUNEBRARUM (us) / SONNE ADAM (il) / GRAVE MIASMA (uk) / NECROVATION (swe) / EMBRACE OF THORNS (gr) / AVULSED (es) / VANHELGD (swe) / WINTERWOLF (fin) / CRUCIAMENTUM (uk) / NECROVOROUS (gr) / CEREKLOTH (dk) / DEGIAL (swe) / ENTRAPMENT (nl) / ENSNARED (se) / BURIAL INVOCATION (tr) / ANTICHRIST (swe) / UNDERGANG (dk), and in addition, my own band Diskord is playing. Hope to see you there! http://www.killtowndeathfest.dk

12.12.10 New NPP! release: Anatomia / Offal split EP
Upon hearing Anatomia, coming from Japan, it becomes shockingly evident that having been fed with too many daily episodes of torture comedy hour on TV as a child can compel you to play doomy gore death metal in adulthood! Listening to Anatomia is the terror-inducing feeling of being duct taped to a
chair, having your nostril hairs plucked one by one - slowly! From Brazil, the gore soaked death metal of Offal, who in 2006 released their fantastic self-titled CD, surpassed by none in shameless Autopsy worshiping death metal gore! They have now returned to torture us Brazilian style with a new track called Over There, Guts Everywhere, as well as a cover version of In Nephritic Blue By the Spanish goregrinders Haemorrhage. Please be advised: The contents of this split EP is so shocking to the senses, it will not only give you nightmares, but daymares!!

14.11.10 Diskord - Doomscapes tape released
My band Diskord has just had our tape debut! While waiting for our sophomore album Dystopics to be released, it is now possible to enjoy our 2007 debut album Doomscapes in all its splendour on the magnificent format of analogue tape. The label responsible for this is Portugal's Escaravelho Records. You can order it in my webshop, or click here to go to Escaravelho.

26.08.10 Diskord in studio
My band Diskord is finally entering studio to record our second album. Again the title will consist of a semi-constructed word beginning with the letter D. The recording will last from August 30th to September 16th. Hopefully our new label will be able to release it not too long after. We are obviously very excited about all this, we have spent quite a few hours on writing and rehearsing the 12 new songs, and we are fairly confident that people who liked our first album Doomscapes will surely find some parts to enjoy here as well. If you haven't heard us before, this is the place to go.

09.06.10 Kill-Town Death Fest
A totally cool DIY style death metal festival is being set up in Denmark, in the main city of Copenhagen. No big headliners here, only smaller death metal bands, who all have to sleep back to back at the squat, called Dødsmaskinen. Yes, it litterally means The Death Machine, a perfect place for a death fest. Bands include Anatomia, all the way from Tokyo, Japan, Dead Congregation (Greece), Bloody Sign (France), as well as a pile of Nordic underground death metal bands such as Sweden's Miasmal, Denmark's Undergang, Norway's Obliteration and Finland's Stench of Decay. A great chance to see tomorrow's cult bands! But where is Iceland? It's time for a new band like the ancient Sororicide to erupt from the ground and expose us all to pyroclastic annihilation! http://www.myspace.com/killtowndeathfest

08.06.10 Maryland Death Fest
I have returned from two weeks in the US. The purpose of my travel was of course Baltimore, MD, and the Maryland Death Fest to see the mighty Autopsy, as well as some nice bonuses like Gorguts, Possessed, Repulsion and Nirvana 2002. My friends in Obliteration and Nekromantheon were representing Norway at the festival. I have written a report from this seminal event, which I hopefully will publish here eventually. http://www.marylanddeathfest.com

07.05.10 New NPP! release: Cut Your Throat / Grind Crusher split EP
The 7th NPP! release is out, a split EP bringing you nothing short of a deadly double dose of daggering death/grind! CUT YOUR THROAT, Greek flesh ripping sonic torment, tearing you 6 new bodily cavities with tracks such as "Τρόποι επικοινωνίας αμφιβίων". GRIND CRUSHER, Norway’s new conveyors of totally brutal grindcore are here to h.o.r.r.i.f.y. you in a carcrash of cranial-hammering d-beats and blasts. It's released in 510 numbered copies on white vinyl with green speckles in a die-cut sleeve, and includes a xeroxed insert on red paper.

26.04.10 Oslo We Rot EP released
The death metal scene in Norway might not be that big, but there are a few good bands. Now four of them will be featured on a vinyl split EP, featuring Obliteration, Execration and Lobotomized, as well as my own band Diskord. This project was initiated by Alex of Grotesque Hysterectomy, but unfortunately they were unable to participate on the project. A good band that would have definitely deserved to have been featured are Abominat, but unfortunately they are inactive these days. The EP will be presented on double 7" vinyl in gatefold sleeve, and released by Unborn Productions, who, after many years as a well-established distro here in Norway, finally will step up and release his first production, entitled Oslo We Rot. The release will feature 25 minutes of exclusive recordings, and we are of course very happy to share
this split with all the cool bands featured. There will be a release gig here in Oslo to celebrate this event, on April 24th at the Garage club, featuring live performances by all four bands. As soon as this EP is out, you will of course be able to secure a copy through my webshop, or you can get it from any of the bands, or head on to the Unborn Productions website. http://www.unbornproductions.com Update: The release concert was a great success! We managed to sell out completely at the Garage club, which, with its 280 people capacity, is a fairly large club for such a small town as Oslo The EP's look and sound damn fine, and are available in my webshop.

04.04.10 Grind Crusher / Haemophagus Italian tour + split EP
I'm back from a 4 show mini tour in Italy with the amazing Sicilian death grind band Haemophagus. The shows went quite well, with 50-80 people turnout at the local squats and clubs. In addition to playing in Firenze and Modena, we got to see Rome and its Colosseum, as well as the leaning tower of Pisa. Haemophagus play a perfect mix of death and grind, with all the right influences (Repulsion, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Winter, Death), In fact, listening to their debut CD Slaves to the Necromancer is a bit like browsing through many titles from your favourites collection in one go. Besides Haemophagus, we shared the stage with local bands Diorrhea, Pig Throne and Thixotropic Squirt. Coinciding with this tour, a split vinyl EP has been released, which you can find in my distro section. It was released with help from Italian DIY labels Goodbye Mankind,
Aima Records, ZAS Autoproduzioni and the newly started Witches Doom Records (no website yet). You can see all the tour posters here, or you can check out Haemophagus at their Myspace page.

06.02.10 Black Mass Ritual Festival III
A festival has recently been announced with an amazing list of death metal bands bands, playing in Finland in September/October. Bands include Sweden's Repugnant, Kaamos and Karnarium, Germany's Drowned and Excoriate, Finland's own Lie In Ruins, Greece's Dead Congregation, the list goes on and on. So I will do my best not to miss this unholy communion. Hopefully I will make it to a few other festivals this year as well, Maryland Death Fest (Autopsy!), Hole In The Sky (Bergen, Norway), and Obscene Extreme in Czech (back in Trutnov!). Hole in the Sky has a promising booking so far with Obituary, Dead Congregation and Obliteration. But apart from the mighty Autopsy, Finland seems to be the highlight of the festival seaon this year. http://www.sacrifire.net/bmr

27.12.09 Ah, morbid, downtuned death metal
There is no doubt that old school death metal has come back in a huge way. And now there's a zine out that really documents this by covering a lot of the current worldwide scene. The UK based Morbid & Downtuned is out in its first issue, with not less than 43 interviews of contemporary old school death metal bands exclusively, like Denial, Unconsecrated, Decrepitaph, Lie in Ruins, Funebrarum, Bloody Sign just to name a few, plus reviews and articles. The layout is as excellent as the choice of bands. My own band Diskord was also fortunate enough to be interviewed. For the future, if these times will be remembered as a second golden era of death metal, then owning two or three issues of this zine will give you a complete "who's who?" insight into the scene of 2009. The
problem the editor of this great rag is going to face, is that after two or three issues, he will have featured all the current bands, so there will be no more fresh meat to interview. But let's not cry over tomorrow when we can enjoy all this great downtuned and morbid music today. Unfortunately the 200 copies seem to be sold out already, the same day we received our free band copy in the mail box. So, people, we need a campaign to have this excellent zine reprinted. Please contact the editor at this e-mail address or through his Myspace, and demand your copy! Update: My prayers seem to have been heard. A re-print of the zine will be handled by new, cool label Detest Records from Belgium. http://www.myspace.com/downtunedandmorbid

09.12.09 Promo packages
A fresh batch of bands that have sent me promo packages. As usual several are well worth checking out.

Dr. Gore (it) Rigore Mortis (CD-R) This band describe themselves as goregrind brutal death metal, and I think that about nails it. The vocals are quite low and guttural, and the drums are mostly blasting, but still I think sounds adequately old school. This is both cool and brutal stuff, personally I'm no fan of triggered bass drums, though. As bonus here you get a cover of Carcass' Ruptured in Purulence. http://www.myspace.com/thegoredoctor

Unburied (us) Slut Decapitator (CD, Metalbolic Records) These guys play a mix of old and new school death metal or death grind with an unmistakably US touch. This CD is a very professional product. Throughout the booklet there are several cool artworks by bass player and artist Mark Riddick, accompanied by nice layout, and the production is good (although the drums sound a bit triggered, but well-balanced, so not
at all disturbing). Some elements sound a bit modern, like the gravity blastbeat drums and the guitars' frequent use of pinch harmonics, but there's plenty of catchy old school death metal riffs here as well, so no matter how hard you prefer your death metal eggs boiled, this is worth checking out. http://www.myspace.com/unburieddeathmetal

The Anal Treatment XXX-Perience (gr) Anal Promo 2008 (CD-R) If you are in any doubt, we are dealing with porn obsessed goregrind here. Not with so much of the usual porn movie sound clips, though. The cover art is cool, a quite simple, yet expressive drawing of an angry woman whose rear end cavity (or is it the other one?) is a bloodthirsty mouth with fanged teeth. The sleeve tries to convince me ATXXX have a real
drummer, but my ears tell me the opposite. This sounds way better than most bedroom one-man porngrind bands, though. It seems as if after sending me this promo pack, they have released an album through Deathmutt Records. http://www.myspace.com/theanaltreatmentxxxperience

War Possession (gr) War Promo 2008 (CD-R) Yes, this is death metal about war. It's not your typical South American style "war metal" black/death mix, though. It's a bit more mid-tempo, and from the first tone, there is a strong Bolt Thrower feeling, the guitar tone is totally In Battle There's no Law. And as it turns out, War Possession have included a cover of the godly (and long!) World Eater, clocking in at the same length
as the other two songs combined. This is good stuff, and I too worship early BT, but for War Possession's future output I would like to hear even more of their own material. http://www.myspace.com/warpossession

Exacerbación (cr) Torturado Hasta Sentir Excitación (tape) and Exacerbación/Impaled Cunts (tape) This is grindcore from a, to me, rather obscure country when it comes to metal and grind, Costa Rica. The tapes are limited to 30 and 80 copies respectively, wow, that's limited! Why one would limit a demo in the first place is to me a mystery, you make a tape
to demonstrate your sound to the public, maybe tapes are expensive in Costa Rica, or maybe they like to keep their fan base small. The Torturado tape is a rehearsal demo, which explains the really crude sound. The split tape sounds better, but the music is far better than the production here. If you're into totally obscure, brutal DIY tape grind, then grab a pen, hunt down their address from their Myspace, write a letter, and prey that you're one of the lucky 30 initiated to the cult! http://www.myspace.com/exacerbacion

Ataraxy (es) Rotten Shit (CD-R) From the cover art, it is quite evident what kind of music these guys dig, the zombie in a Nirvana 2002, Abhorrence and Nihilist patched vest proves that, as well as another undead with a small Depravity patch, if you look really, really closely. In fact, the cover art is great, it alone gives me an urge to release this demo as an EP. The music here is obviously old school death metal, but leaning
slightly towards black metal as well. This is Ataraxy's first and only demo so far, they still have some way to go - the musicianship could improve, but on the other hand, they called the demo Rotten Shit, no need to practice then, he-he! http://www.myspace.com/atrociousataraxy

24.10.09 Obliteration release gig
One of the premier death metal bands from Norway these days is definitely Obliteration. They were lucky enough (or good!) to release their debut album Perpetual Decay on Peaceville sub-label Tyrant Syndicate. After this interesting label's unfortunate decline, Obliteration's sophomore output Nekropsalms will be released through Norwegian label Fysisk Format. While their first album was great straight-to-the-point old school Tampa style death, this new album may seem to be heading in a bit darker, more doomy and obscure direction, with influences from later era
Dr. Shrinker, to Celtic Frost and thrash metal. With titles such as The Worm that Gnaws in the Night, everything is set for something well worth lending your steadfastly decaying ears to. For the album cover, the young Obli crew has this time chosen the services of the great artist Sindre Skancke, whose artworks has already adorned my own band Diskord's outputs, a fact which we can only take as a compliment. I will be selling merch and records at their release gig in Oslo, which is set for November 27th at Funhouse. These lucky bastards will also share the stage with the mighty Autopsy, at the Maryland Death Fest 2010! Gaah! Update: The release gig was highly memorable, a young band at their creative peak. And the new CD sounds like it was recorded 20 years ago, and looks nice too (digipak with embossed logo). Makes me almost want to start distributing CD's (but I won't, ha-ha!). Get it from one of the distros listed at the Obliteration website. www.myspace.com/obliterationnorway

09.11.09 Grind Crusher tour
I have returned from tour with my band Grind Crusher, from October 28th to November 8th. We played in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Lithuania and Poland, including the Petrogrind Festival in St. Petersburg, which was very interesting. St. Petersburg once again proved that it's one of my favourite cities, but 4 hours of Russian border crossing, both in and out, was a real nightmare. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and those who helped us.

17.08.09 Death Shall Rise
I thought it was about time I started booking some concerts, especially considering there are not enough old school death metal shows here in my hometown of Oslo, Norway. I have chosen the name Death Shall Rise for these concerts, a name which I obviously got from the old British death metal band Cancer, and the title of their semi-classic 2nd album. And interestingly, the tagline 'Death Metal Night' I used in honour of the classic range of concerts here in Oslo, lasting from around 1990 to 92, where bands such as Obituary and Napalm Death got to play at a place called Alaska. There is an extensive report from one of these classic gigs in a glossy metal magazine from 1992 called "Thrash", where a photo of one of the Death guys shaving backstage is accompanied by the text "Bristles off..", and a photo of a Dismember guy putting on a spike wristband has
the text "Bristles on..". The first bands out in this exhumation of the legendary death metal nights are Oslo's most sleazy death metal band Lobotomized, with support from Gothenburg, Sweden's Modorra. Update: The show went well, and you can see some photos at this link.

04.08.09 Repulsion Tribute
A good way to pay tribute to your idols is to make a tribute album for them. That's exactly what Germany's FDA Rekotz have done, in the form of a new LP called Tribute to Repulsion. And who would deserve such an album more than Flint, Michigan's mighty granddaddies of death and grind? Certainly not many. In 1986, these guys were the fastest and most brutal band that had ever existed on this decomposing planet. And, in many ways, they still are. This tribute album features mostly well known bands such as General Surgery, Haemorrhage, Impaled and
Machetazo, as well as a few younger bands such as Haemophagus (great new doomy death/grind band from Sicily), and my own band Grind Crusher, with the track Festering Boils. The insert features liner notes from each band, and the photo of my brief close encounter of the 3rd kind with legendary drummer Dave "Grave" Hollingshead (as reported earlier in this newsblog). It's time to sit back in your maggot-infested coffin, put on your anti Radiation Sickness goggles, and enjoy new versions of classic tracks such as Splattered Cadavers, Maggots in Your Coffin, The Stench of Burning Death, Six Feet Under, Pestilent Decay, Crypt of Terror and Horrified. I have a few copies in my webshop, or head on to the FDA Rekotz homepage.

14.05.09 New releases
Finally, a couple of new releases out:

NPP005 - Dead Infection / Regurgitate split 7"
Both bands play brutal old school goregrind. Three new studio tracks from Sweden's Regurgitate, Excrementality, Massive Visceral Eruption and Voraginous. Five new studio tracks from Poland's Dead Infection, Stomach Acids Draw Back, Perpendicular Connexion of Two Tissues, Hymn of the Brainless Warriors, Unleash the Cats and So Many Legs Were Broken Today. Printed in 1,026 copies with delicate zombie splatter artwork and housed in special packaging (matt sleeve with glossy foil stamped artwork and logos, printed inner sleeve).

NPP006 - Nauseant - 'ILN' 7"
Brutal, yet delicate old school death metal. They're a young band from Sweden, but somehow sound more like old Finnish death metal. The guttural voice, abstract lyrics, and less melodic sound lead the thoughts to old bands like Demilich and Abhorrence. But still retaining the unparallelled catchiness of Swedish death metal. 521 hand numbered copies, on white vinyl, including a pro-printed insert.

05.04.09 New issue of Cerebral Fallout zine
I use every opportunity I can to help promote prited zines, especially if dealing with a high quality death metal/goregrind publication, and especially when I'm featured in it! Cerebral Fallout is a UK based publication, written in a nice mildly humourous tongue, and superbly illustrated by editor Mark's drawings (the alien zombie death metal karaoke in #11 being my personal favourite). Issue #12, hot from the press, includes interviews with Machetazo, Blood Freak, Blue Holocaust, Gravehill, as well as a Norwegian scene report written by yours truly! You can get your copy from my distro, or directly from Mark, you can find his Myspace with contact info here.

21.03.09 Corpses of the Scandinavia tour
I have played a lot of concerts in my life, but now it's time for me to embark on my very first tour, with one of my two bands, Grind Crusher. We will be supporting the Polish goregrind band Dead Infection on a full Scandinvian tour, where we will be doing 8 gigs in 10 days from April 24 to May 2. Along with us is Norwegian grindcore band Sexy Police, and local support is given by bands like Torsofuck and Laserguys. The title of the tour obviously refers to Dead Infection's latest epic opus of magnum brutality, the EP Corpses of the Universe, which is out on MCD by Japan's Obliteration Records, soon on 12" EP by US's Haunted Hotel Records. You can check the Grind Crusher myspace for latest updates on venues and other info, or if you're on Facebook, go to this address. If you want to hear what Dead Infection has to offer, then here is their Myspace.

17.03.09 Interesting vinyl releases
There are a few interesting vinyls that have been are are being released these days. Try getting these from directly from the labels, or other distros, because they might be quickly sold out before I get my hands on a few copies. Rest in Festering Slime, an LP only compilation, consisting of fairly unknown death metal bands from mostly Sweden (Soulseller Records). Demilich - Nespithe LP. A truly classic death metal album from the early 90's, first time on vinyl (Xtreem Music). Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers 7" box set, classic pre-Entombed (Nuclear Blast Records). This Comp Kills Fascists 7" box set, featuring exclusive tracks from bands like Insect Warfare and Brutal Truth (Relapse Records).

27.11.08 Nordic DM Mania Part One - Norway
I've been thinking about making a list of all vinyl releases from old Nordic death metal bands. Probably excluding Denmark, simply because of my lack of knowledge. Metal Archives has listed a total of 550 Danish metal bands throughout time, 1050 Norwegian, 2250 Finnish, 2800 Swedish, which should make the Swedish the hardest part. I'll start off with the Norwegian scene, then I figure I'll divide the Finnish part into two; one for 7" EP's and one for LP's. If there ever will be a Swedish part, we'll see; there's a good chance the whole thing will prove too big. Anyway, let's get down to the Norwegian part; should be done in a jiffy!

Mayhem - Deathcrush 12" EP (Posercorpse Records, 1987). I'm starting off with what is obviously generally perceived as black metal, not death metal, but this release is quite old, so that upon listening, the recording sounds like it somewhat predates these narrow sub-genre labels. Printed in 1,000 copies on his own label, I'm sure guitar player Euronymous invented the infamous "orange squeeze" black metal pose (later made famous through multiple
Immortal photo sessions), when the poor guy opened the package from the print house and discovered the sleeves, depicting cut off hands hung up to dry, had been printed in a flashy pink colour instead of the blood red he had ordered!

Next up, Mortem - Slow Death 7" (Thrash Records/Putrefaction Records, 1990). Consisting of members who went on to form avant-garde black metal band Arcturus, this EP was released in 1,100 copies as a collaboration between cult label Thrash Records out of the Northern coast of France (who released lots of cool, obscure Nordic death metal, like Sweden's Megaslaughter and Epitaph), together with local label Putrefaction Records, who went on to
release the first Arcturus 7". Mortem sounds quite inspired by Mayhem's Deathcrush. Although uncredited, Mayhem's Euronymous was the engineer or producer for this recording. This is confirmed in an interview, where he points out how important it is to give the band a unique sound. And unique is the word here; someone has once noted that the vocals sound like a china cymbal! Apart from that, it doesn't sound too bad, but saying it sounds good would be a gross exaggeration!

Balvaz - S/T 7" (Virulence Records, 1990) Now, there's an obscure release for you on an obscure label from an obscure band! This band produced three demos, of which the third got printed as this EP. They came from the same area as Cadaver, shared members at different points, and this EP sounds exactly like old Cadaver, with just a bit more screaming vocals. Because Balvaz didn't feature any core members who went on to be prominent in the black metal
scene, this is probably the least known band in today's list.

Thou Shalt Suffer - Open the Mysteries of Your Creation 7" (Distorted Harmony Records, 1991). Members went on to form Emperor and Ildjarn, but the only hint given to this in Thou Shalt Suffer, are the synth effects, which sound exactly the same as those used later in Emperor. Apart from that, this is pure, heavy death metal. Drummer Torbjørn went on to form the studio Akkerhaugen, where bands like Emperor and Myrkskog recorded very clinically
sounding albums. This EP was released in 1,110 individually numbered copies on a Mexican label who also released an EP by Carcass, in addition to Swedish bands such as Traumatic, Eternal Darkness and Carnage.

Thyabhorrent - Death Rides at Dawn 7" (Seraphic Decay Records, 1991). Another obscure band, released in at least two different colours (purple swirl vinyl and clear orange vinyl), by the mother of all rip-off labels, Seraphic Decay (who we'll return to in both the Swedish and Finnish parts). Vocalist Stian 'Occultus' also did a zine called Sepulchral Noise, active for many years from '88 and on. Thyabhorrent played mostly mid-tempo death metal with few or no
surprises, recorded in the same studio as Balvaz and the first Cadaver album.

Old Funeral - Devoured Carcass 7" (Thrash Records, 1991). Here's a "who's who?" band, members went on to form Immortal and Burzum. The music here is totally generic death metal with the occasional blastbeat. Unlike the other EP's in this list, this includes a lyric sheet, laid out in a charmingly necro 80's PC font. Burzum's Vikernes is depicted here with a chic "been-saving-it-for-one-year-and-two-months" hairdo. There have been 3 posthumous vinyl
releases from this band as well. Join the Funeral Procession picure disc in 500 copies (Hammerheart Records 1999), comprising the 1990 demo and the 7", here's another amusing Vikernes photo, posing with a juicy piece of "fenalår" (dried, salted lamb's thigh). Then the LP The Older Ones (Hammerheart 1999), I don't have a copy of this, so I'm not sure what it comprises. Finally, there's the Grim Reaping Norway LP + PIC (Hearse Records 2002), a live album, which I believe to have been released in the following editions: 1st press 200 black vinyl, 200 clear vinyl, 100 picture discs. 2nd press 200 purple vinyl.

Amputation - Demo 1990 7" (Abbath's Corpsepaint Sucks, ????) This is probably a bootleg, but I'm including it anyway. A vinyl press of their 2nd demo Slaughtered in the Arms of God. I don't have a copy of this EP myself, so I don't have any info on it. Amputation members went on to form Immortal, and the producer of this obscure slab of vinyl, scarce in numbers, has pasted an Immortal logo onto the sleeve in addition to the Amputation logo.

Cadaver - Hallucinating Anxiety LP (Necrosis 1990) Seen by many as an undisputed classic, to be honest, I've always found it to be the weakest of the Cadaver albums. Probably because it was initially released as a split CD with the one and only album of Sweden's Carnage, and after hearing a magnum epos such as Dark Recollections, which is perfect in every sense of the word (riffs, sound, atmosphere, the lot), hearing Cadaver just seconds
afterwards somehow destroyed my appreciation for this album. Interestingly, the label Necrosis was run by Jeff and Bill of Carcass. The sound is a bit crappy for a full-length, sounding more like a demo, but it definitely has an identity. Unfortunately there is no lyric sheet in the LP.

Cadaver - ...In Pains (Earache 1992). Cadaver's 2nd and last album before they folded, only to re-appear years later in a totally different, but great style. Going from the crude basement sound of their first album, Cadaver went abroad to hook up with super-engineer Paul Johnson for this slickly (over-)produced album. Yet, in hindsight, this album sounds quite cool and old school today, it's somewhat atonal, and comprises a nice atmosphere and a few
unforgettable classics such as Mr. Tumour's Misery. Unlike the CD, the lyric sheet of the LP is actually legible.

Darkthrone - Soulside Journey LP + PIC (Peaceville 1991) The epitome of Norwegian death metal. It has the classic Swedish sound from Stockholm's Sunlight Studio, but the music is more in the vein of the Norwegian/Finnish tradition, being somewhat offbeat and having a slightly atonal edge to it. According to the detailed Peaceville discography provided in the 1992 sampler Vol. 4, the LP was released Feb 91, while the picture disc Jan 92. To me this is the
essence of death metal. Unfortunately, while writing their sophomore album Goatlord, the young guys had grown tired of progressive death metal, and chose to scrap the whole album in favour of going in a much more crude direction, writing instead an entirely new album, A Blaze in the Northern Sky. But that's a whole different story, and a glorious chapter in the annals of Nordic metal had come to an end.

16.09.08 Report from the Hole In The Sky 2008 festival
Wednesday Thursday
08.00 PM: Inquisition 08.00 PM: Lobotomized
09.00 PM: Old 08.50 PM: Tyrant
10.00 PM: The Battalion 09.40 PM: Cephalic Carnage
11.05 PM: Urgehal 10.40 PM: 3 Inches of Blood
00.25 AM: Dismember 00.00 AM: Exodus

Friday Saturday
05.55 PM: Dead to This World 05.55 PM: Sadistic Intent
06.50 PM: Brutal Truth 06.50 PM: Gehenna
07.45 PM: Asphyx 07.45 PM: Electric Wizard
08.55 PM: Municipal Waste 08.55 PM: Nachtmystium
10.15 PM: Behemoth 10.15 PM: Primordial
11.40 PM: Meshuggah 11.40 PM: Keep of Kalessin
01.15 AM: Carcass 01.15 AM: At the Gates




Brutal Truth

Sadistic Intent

Take a look at the line-up and you can imagine how I was dripping with drool by the thought of seeing death metal heavyweights like Carcass, At The Gates, Possessed, Sadistic Intent, Brutal Truth and Asphyx.

Bergen, surrounded by medieval "stave" churches in exotic sceneries (as well as the occasional church burners), home of the friendly, somewhat eccentric, local population, as well as huge amounts of rain! And so much so, that the festival has even incorporated an umbrella in their logo, at least on the wrist bands.

The opening night was no exception. Half wet, I made my way to the festival to see Inquisition, a black metal band from the US (originally from Colombia). Being only a duo in fairly generic corpse paint, they managed to give the show a quite good (or evil) atmosphere. The vocalist had extremely long hair, and sung in a rather peculiar chanting fashion. Germany’s Old played what I perceived as not too fast thrash metal with a quite strong black metal edge, which was nicely emphasized by the vocalist’s subtle use of corpse paint. Good show, but a bit monotonous for my taste. The Batallion (sic) played "manly" metal (at least self-proclaimed) as usual. And as always, vocalist Tore (formerly of Old Funeral) introduced every song by a small speech on war, metal and other manly subjects, but unfortunately the speeches had been shortened this evening, perhaps because Bergen is their hometown, and all the local audience have heard these intros a ton of times before. Urgehal also did a good concert this evening, but the local ‘Hansa’ beer was starting to get to me. Last band out this evening was the Swedish "friends of Norway" (you know, the bands that always come and play in your home country) lads of Dismember. It’s always a pleasure to see them, not only because they have a lot of good songs from the early days in their repertoire, but also because of their seemingly heartfelt attitude on stage. Unfortunately the original members are slowly being outnumbered, and even good old drummer Fred was out this time.

New day and finally the rain had stopped. Lobotomized was the first band out, maybe playing their last show together, because three out of five members are moving out of town. And what a final show! Vocalist Steffen had turned the place into a total gypsy squat (old underwear was hanging to dry at the stage), and as they played their customary brutal punk-infested death metal, more stuff was being thrown out to the audience than ever before; of course the usual VHS porn movies and old dirty clothes, but this time also a very delightfully nasty inflatable sex doll (she was looking a bit wide-shouldered, in a subtle way somehow exceeding even the Batallion boys in manliness), as well as a big inflatable children’s bathing pool. One of the best performances I’ve seen in years, a totally cult gig! Unfortunately I didn’t see many other bands for the rest of this evening, so not much more to report.

Friday, and first band out for me was Brutal Truth. Their performance was good, and the vocalist knocked the microphone into his forehead until he started bleeding (you can’t do that many times a week, can you?). But my favourite album of theirs is undoubtedly 'Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses', and somehow I feel these songs are played a bit too fast and without
the technical know-how, especially on the spastic drummer’s part. Slow down a bit, and let the blastbeats do the talking, that’s my two dimes! Asphyx, wow! So slow, yet so crushingly brutal! I’ve seen them recently in the Netherlands as well, and they just get better for me each time. Unfortunately they don’t play my favourite track ‘Streams of Ancient Wisdom’, and, drunk as I was, I managed to grab drummer Bob Bagchus some time after the show and ask why the hell not, his reply being that he simply don’t like that song and he doesn’t feel it fits in with the rest of the show. Well, you can’t argue with that, Bob! Martin Van Drunen’s voice is one of the most haunting in death metal, and although the guitar and bass players had a bit too "happy" synchronic head banging style for my taste, still there is a great dark atmosphere present with this band’s live performance, especially Bob’s slow, totally death metal drumming. Finally time for Carcass, for the first time on the stage in Norway since early 1994 (then in Oslo with the great noplacetohide as support). This time original drummer Ken Owen had been replaced due to his unfortunate stroke a few years back, but apart from that featuring the lineup from the ‘Necroticism’ days. Ths sound was good, and Carcass went through all the classics - well, not really! Like they would start with the classic opening of ‘Ruptured in Purulence’, and then break out into one of the newer songs. But still this show appealed to fans of both the classic and the newer Carcass era. Halfway through the set Jeff Walker said something about why they do this reunion, it was for the money (or wasn’t it? Ha-ha, can’t remember!), but also "For this guy!", and then they walked off the set and Ken Owen was led to the drum set where he played a simple solo for a minute. Which was, of course, a nice gesture.

Last day, and unfortunately Possessed cancelled due to Jeff Becerra’s health problems (being shot in the spine and paralyzed in 1989), but Beccera’s backing band Sadistic Intent still made it from the US to Bergen. For some reason, these East LA satanic Hispanics haven’t released any albums through their entire 20 years career span, but their demos and EP’s have given them quite a notable name. And their brutal speed death thrash appearance this evening certainly underlined this. Really tight and brutal, especially the "new"drummer who was very spastic in addition to being tight. After this great show, one of the best on the festival, seeing the Norwegian black metal band Gehenna proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Having released a couple of albums I appreciate, like ‘Adimiron Black’, this evening they unfortunately chose only to play songs from their latest album, ‘WW’. And they seemed a bit uninspired doing this. Unlike the last time I saw them, the corpse paint seemed to be back on. Skipping a few bands in favour of some local Hansa beer, I made it back to the festival’s last show, Sweden’s At The Gates. Being responsible for melodification of Swedish metal, I still value their first two albums high. And like Carcass, A.T.G. played a very professional show with great sound, going through more or less all the classics. The encore being the ultra doomy (for such a melodic band) hit ‘Kingdom Gone’, which was a nice gesture for old school addicts like me.

All in all a great festival with such a strong line-up it will be difficult for Norwegian festivals to top it in the years to come. And only one day of rain!

29.07.08 Report from the Obscene Extreme 2008 festival
I have returned from a great two weeks holiday in the Czech Republic, including the great medieval city of Prague, and a visit to the sleepy town of Trutnov and its three day noise marathon called the Obscene Extreme fest. I have written a small festival report which you can read here.

01.05.08 Report from Oslo Death Fest

Poster by Kristian / Obliteration



A few weekends ago weekend was the second Oslo Death Fest. The whole thing started out the previous year by local death metal bands Diskord, Grotesque Hysterectomy and Abominat teaming up for a one night show. But this year, thanks to Alex of GH, Death Fest had turned into a full-fledged two days festival featuring eight bands of which seven local. Basically this means the entire local death metal scene except Abominat, dearly missed. Club Maiden provided a safe haven for around 140 death metal devotees this weekend. First out was Kristiansund's The Sickening, who played brutal death metal in a style that, to the best of my knowledge, no other Norwegian bands have been doing so far; hyper-triggered drums with all sorts of modern full speed techniques (Moeller technique, heel-toe bass drumming and God knows what else, pardon my ignorance). The drummer was even wearing a set of rather colossal earphones. Next up was Deject, who, in addition to featuring vocalist Erik of Abominat, also had recruited Obliteration drummer Kristian. Brutal death metal with a mid tempo edge was their game. My own band Diskord also proudly participated in the encore of last year's success. Without too many noticeable errors we managed to stumble through a totally new song, which will be featured on our sophomore album, hopefully in the not too distant future. Last band this evening was The Allseeing I, who play death metal with an emphasis on the technical aspect.

A new day first brought Kraanium, who play slam death metal. A sub-genre also quite uncharted here in Norway, and, may I add, a cup of tea I would normally discretely feed to the plants. But these guys did a quite convincing live show which didn't sound too new school to me. The boys were wearing size XXXL shirts, the guitar player even sporting baggy pants big enough to go shop lifting for rather large stereo decks. Execration up next, as usual they played their death metal quite dark and down-tuned, obviously inspired by more than one Immolation album. This evening they also did a cover of Autopsy's Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay, which of course got my approving thumb! Grotesque Hysterectomy did a very decent show this evening. They play quite brutal death metal, yet with a certain old school vibe. For
this evening the bass player had taken the vocal duties as well, but what impressed me was that they sounded tighter and clearer than before. Last band out were the Obliteration guys, who play pure old school death metal. No surprises here; yet another great show from the young guys, and they even dedicated a song to Diskord in a very flattering tone, so thanks a lot, guys!

13.04.08 New issue of Deadly Illness
In Hungary you have at least two active printzines that provide a very interesting read. One of them is Shrunken & Mummified, the other one just came out in its 2nd issue, the name is Deadly Illness. It may not have great layout, instead editor Csaba's focus is, as always, on the music itself. Being purely focused on old school death metal, in addition to covering wellknown acts such as Death Breath, Csaba digs deep among new and obscure bands to provide you the chance to discover bands like Hungary's Catalepsy, Finland's Gorephilia and Germany's Hatespawn. You will also find an interview with my band Diskord (and reviews of almost every recording I have ever participated on myself, he-he. And a picture of my
old but trusty Tascam tape deck!). Everything is written in a very laid-back, un-pretentious tone. Csaba promises that this will be the last issue to exclusively feature old school death metal, but I am sure by the time issue 3 is out, it will reek just as much of smelly, old death. You may get your copy from Csaba through his Myspace page. I also have some copies in my distro.

04.03.08 Grind Crusher in Trondheim
This weekend I played live in Trondheim with my band Grind Crusher and you can read a small report here.

22.02.07 Dead death metal band summoned from the beyond!
Between 1992 and 1995 I played in a death metal band called Infanticide. Probably very few have actually heard this band. I thought the songs were more than good enough to be of interest to the old school death metal community, so 10-15 years later the time was long overdue to produce a Myspace page and some tapes. You can stream 3 minute samples from 3 songs at the Myspace page, but if you want to enjoy these (zombie) puppies in their entirety, you need to download the MP3's or get a tape from the address given at the Myspace page. Enjoy! http://www.myspace.com/infanticidenorway

18.12.07 Promo packages
Here is a new batch of bands that have sent me promo packages. Check out these bands if you think you're hip to be square, some of them are very good and may very well be the next talk of the town.

Blasting black metal from Greece. There is no doubt these guys are inspired by Norwegian black metal bands like Zyklon-B, Dødheimsgard, 1349 and Satyricon (the latter providing inspiration for the band name as well). Yet what Angstridden might lack in originality they consummately compensate for by being great riff-makers. http://www.myspace.com/angstriddensociety

Parlamentarisk Sodomi
Norwegian grindcore, great band from the West Coast with a new sexual insight on Norwegian politics. They are still a drum machine band though, which unfortunately is a thorn in my ear. http://www.myspace.com/sodomi

Turkish grindcore. These guys have already released a split 7" EP with Agathocles. Vocalist Semih is also the editor of the great grind/death zine Impact Drill. http://www.myspace.com/sakatat

German grindcore. Their name suggests analogies to Terrorizer, unfortunately their musicianship and songwriting skills suggest differently, sorry guys! http://www.myspace.com/terrorazorgrind

Töxik Death
80's induced primitive thrashpunk from Norway in the vein of DRI, Venom, Kreator, Infernö and probably heaps more. http://www.myspace.com/txicfire

Violent Gorge
These Canadians sent me their 'Grind Appreciation' tape consisting of grindcore/goregrind in the vein of fellow countrymen Putrescence, Dahmer and Archagathus mixed with a dash of Euro-goregrind. Brutal stuff, highly appreciated! http://www.myspace.com/violentgorge

12.12.07 New issue of Black Blood zine
The zine is alive and kicking. And some zines are even laid out in the antiquated way with a pair of scissors! Black Blood zine of Greece is one of them, out now in its 4th incarnation. To reach editor Unholy Sodomizer you even need to send a good old letter! This issue is very internationally oriented, with interviews of Canada's Prosanctus Inferi, Finland's Lathspell, Chile's Chainsaw, Singapore's Istidraj, Brazil's Catacumba, and so on. There is also an in-depth interview with yours truly! Wow, the layout makes the interview look like it was done 20 years ago, he-he. That would make me nearly 50 years old, aargh! I have a few of the hand-numbered copies available in my distro. Or you can wipe the dust of those
envelopes and stamps you planned to send Grandma for Christmas '87 and contact Unholy Sodomizer at Ayfandis Dimitrios, PO Box 3350, 10210 Athens, Greece.

12.12.07 Interesting statement
I recently came across an interesting statement from the Finnish death metal band Slugathor while browsing Abhorrent Decay webzine. Although I can not say I concur 100% to all that is being stated (I don't have anything against Swedes, and I personally would not express my opinions in such a harsh manner), you can read what they have to say here.

23.11.07 What's new in the NPP! camp anyway?
I haven't released any new vinyl records for over a year now, but rest assured thet new releases will keep on coming. I regularly feed the distro with some new items through trades and wholesale purchases, my distro stock is now nearly 250 different items, constantly growing in a slow pace. Next planned NPP! release is a Regurgitate / Dead Infection split 7" EP. I have been waiting for Dead Infection's contribution for some time now. The Regurgitate music and artwork is finished. Other than that I will be releasing an EP by one of my two own bands, Grind Crusher (my other one being Diskord). Grind Crusher is a new brutal grindcore band, and a split EP is planned. I am in loose talks with another cool new band to share the split with. No death metal releases are currently planned, so if you play old school death metal, this might be your chance!

24.10.07 Swedish grindcore 'Supremacy' in Oslo!
The unholy Swedish grindcore trio of Regurgitate, Retaliation and Sayyadina is coming here to Oslo in December, and I will be playing live as well with my new band Grind Crusher. Expect very fast and brutal grindcore with lots of D-beats and blastbeats from our new band. Of course I will bring all my NPP! merch as well.

Update: Wow, this was a great night! Norwegian webzine Eternal Terror have published a report from the show (in Norwegian language) and an additional photo gallery for each band: Regurgitate, Grind Crusher, Retaliation and Sayyadina.

30.09.07 Legendary Repulsion drummer in Oslo!
This weekend I ran into Dave "Grave" Hollingshead at the local Club Maiden. Wow, the godfather of blastbeats in person! He had come all the way from Flint, Michigan to install packaging machines for the dairy industry. I had the honour of enjoying a long talk about one-foot blastbeats, Helga who lost her head and other interesting subjects.

24.09.07 New issue of Putrefactive Effect
For better or worse, tapetrading is definitely a lost art, but other ancient traditions prevails. And what could serve as a better example of this than a new issue of the French fanzine Putrefactive Effect, hot from the press? Jim, the editor, has switched from 50-50 French/English language for the first issue, into a full-fledged English version this time. Like you would expect from a fanzine, interviews and reviews in abundance is the main content here, with Ydin, Ignivomous, Charnier, Banisher, Pestifer, Severance, Deathevocation, Afterlife Productions, Forbidden Cult and Enthrallment. In addition there are some cool feature articles like 'Blind test', where editors of prominent zines Shrunken & Mummified and
Necroscope battle each other in know-how. There's a 3-page in-depth interview with my band Diskord as well, which of course is a great honour, and hopefully a good reading. Old school death metal is the key subject for Jim both in his writing and aesthetics, but if you are into thrash/black metal or goregrind surely you will find something worth reading inside his putrid rag. You can order a copy from my distro (head on to the 'Magazines' section), or get it from Jim directly via his e-mail address.

19.09.07 NPP! on Bloodshed Fest in The Netherlands
I will be going to the Bloodshed Fest in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in October. No, not to sell records, but to see some extremely cool bands live, namely Regurgitate, Dead Infection and Agathocles! But of course I would be happy to bring some records down to sell or trade, so get in touch if you are going there as well. Great distros like Power It Up, Revenge, Regurgitated Semen and Bones Brigade will be setting up shops, so hopefully I will be coming back with some cool trades for the distro. You can rest assured that I will provide a report from the event in this very necroblog.

Update: The festival was great, and I have written a festival report that you can read here.

06.09.07 Repugnant album finally on vinyl
For the last years Sweden has been maybe the only country with a really vital scene of newcomers playing old school death metal. Bands like Kaamos, Necrovation, Nominon, Verminous, Paganizer, Deathevocation, Demonical, Ceremonial Execution, Karnarium, Ribspreader, Sworn, Revokation, Tribulation, Evocation, Vomination and probably heaps more, are all more or less worth checking out (how 'new' some of these bands are may of course vary). The first, and unfortunately last, full length album from arguably the cream of this crop
has finally been pressed on vinyl, quite some time after its recording and initial CD release. Repugnant's 'The Epitome Of Darkness', again released by Soulseller Records, who did the CD version as well as the 'Premature Burial' 7". You may get the album on LP (in 666 copies) or picture disc (in 333 copies). Unfortunately the band has split up, so don't expect anything more from this constellation. You may order a copy from my webshop, or directly from Soulseller.

The remaining vinyl catalogue from Repugnant includes the above-mentioned 'Premature Burial' 7", perhaps the most sought-after release from this band, quite a nice looking picture disc with a pro-printed backing card, but nothing really exciting music-wise, comprising the title track in an early, crude mix from the album recording, as well as a Nihilist cover and some live tracks (500 copies in 2004). Going backwards getting to the Split 7" with Pentacle, which simply has a cover song from both bands, Repugnant does a track by to me unknown Swedish band Obscurity (100 copies on clear red vinyl, 400 black copies on To The Death Records in 2002). Finally we get to the 'Hecatomb' EP, originally split released as a 7" by To The Death Records and Dead Monkey Records in 1999 on 500 hand numbered transparent red copies, then re-released as a 12" on black vinyl by Hammerheart in 2000. Being a Hammerheart re-release you would think it's probably scrap iron, but the 12" has totally different, quite nice old-school layout, and also includes an extra track not found on the original. These three studio tracks (and a Celtic Frost cover) are quite cool and worth checking out for those hungry of some more flesh to feast upon from this short-lived sensation.

23.07.07 Norwegian scene report in Turkish zine
A third edition of Turkey's great underground zine Impact Drill has hit the streets, and for this issue editor Semih asked me to compile a Norwegian scene report, an assignment which I took on with great enthusiasm. Of course trying to be as complete and accurate as possible turned out to be a real ball-buster. Whether I was up to the task you may find out for yourself by ordering a copy from Semih at his e-mail address. Impact Drill is a proper old-school-as-hell printed fanzine and features articles, interviews and reviews of current releases in mainly death metal and grindcore. Some of the bands featured are Poland and Germany's grind gods, Dead Infection and Blood, as well as great Finnish old school death metal act
Lie In Ruins. Hopefully I will get copies in the distro soon. If you normally don't read printzines, why not use this opportunity to start? http://www.impactdrillzine.cjb.net

Update: You may order this zine from my distro stock now. Head on to the 'Magazines' section.

26.04.07 Obliteration album release
Diskord did a gig last Friday called 'Oslo Death Fest' with support from brutal death metal bands Grotesque Hysterectomy and Abominat at Club Maiden. The concert was a great success, more than 150 people showed up, despite numerous other concerts around the same time in tiny Oslo. We also sold a lot of T-shirts and CD's. Thanks to everyone who showed up! DJ's for the evening were Sindre from Obliteration and the mighty Fenriz. The Obliteration guys gave me a promo of their new album 'Perpetual Decay', which I have been listening a lot to the
last days. It's nice to see there is a new rise of old school death metal bands in Norway. Obliteration sounds just like 1992's Tampa, Florida, although the guys were barely out of their diapers at the time, he-he. The album is released by Tyrant Syndicate, a sub-label of Peaceville run by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone. Release date for the CD is set for May 28. http://www.obliteration.tk, http://www.tyrantsyndicate.com

12.04.07 Inferno Festival report
Easter time in Oslo means it is once again time for the Inferno, the annual 30 band metal festival which involves the usual reserved Norwegian crowd, steep beer prices as well as hopefully a few cool bands. This year with a fairly interesting lineup of bands like Brutal Truth, Lobotomized, Rotten Sound, Suffocation, Watain, Immortal, Dødheimsgard and Sodom.

Wednesday, the day before the festival, my band Diskord did a successful show at the Elm Street pub together with avant-garde metal band She Said Destroy and thrashers Manngard. About 150 paid at the door, thanks to everyone who showed up. Thursday, first evening of Inferno, and time for SUFFOCATION's first Norwegian appearance. To my amazement they played a lot of old songs with all the speed and intensity. A few new songs as well, but it never became boring.
The show in its entirety sounded to me as if executed flawlessly. Recommended liveband! The same evening Swedish black metalers WATAIN also did a good show, this time with only a mild scent of unwashed crotch from their trademark pig's blood makeup, thank God!

Friday Finland was represented by veteran grindcore outfit ROTTEN SOUND, doing a very brutal show with mostly blastbeats all the way. Good, steady drummer, no fuzz or frills, just straight grindcore. Between the songs they acted the stereotype of the laconic Finns with very few words to say, great! IMMORTAL were the headliners this evening, unfortunately having some minor sound problems, which seemed to put the band off completely. Strange for such a pro liveband. And when is this over-the-top staccato triggering of the drums going to end? Come on people!

Brutal Truth
Saturday started off with two great bands, first off Norwegian punk-death sewer trash LOBOTOMIZED. Sporting a toilet on stage as well as a trash can from which they handed out giveaways to female crowd members who exposed themselves. Nice.. With all the stuff happening in addition to the music, it's somehow easy to forget they play great death metal in the vein of Autopsy and Abscess, and this time they had the best sound of the entire festival. Next up was grindcore godfathers BRUTAL TRUTH. Of course it was great to finally behold this legend live, and their spastic drummer in particular, but my problem with this group live is that their newer recordings are fairly chaotic, and playing them even faster live doesn't help. Old classics from the 'Extreme Conditions..' era like 'Stench Of Prophet' and 'Ill-Neglect' also suffered from this. Cross-over black
metal band DØDHEIMSGARD/DHG also did a very decent show this evening, perhaps suffering a bit from recent lineup changes. Hopefully they will improve as a live band for future shows. Last show on the festival was SODOM. No introduction should be needed for this German band, who went through a lot of old classics as well as a few new songs. But of course the occult feeling of the 'In The Sign Of Evil' album seems to have been replaced during the last twenty or so years by a more "happy" live show. On a side note German thrashers Kreator and Swiss legends Celtic Frost also visited Oslo very recently, and out of the three I must say Celtic Frost was the most interesting live band for 2007, with their newfound downtuned, doomy sound.

All in all? Suffocation really did it for me this time. http://www.infernofestival.net

30.03.07 Diskord album released
Diskord's debut album 'Doomscapes' has been released on CD. It is a great slab of death metal, a modern classic maintaining the heritage from the heydays of Norwegian old school death metal, where albums such as Darkthrone's 'Soulside Journey' and Cadaver's 'In Pains' saw the darkness of daytime. You can order a copy from me together with NPP! stuff, just send me an e-mail instead of ordering through the webshop. You can also get a copy directly through the fixed-price Entartete Musik webshop, which is handled by Espen of Diskord, or you can ask for
detailed payment info from the Diskord e-mail address. 'Doomscapes' was released by Edgerunner Music, a small label distributed throughout music stores in Norway by VME. If you haven't heard Diskord's peculiar style of death metal then head on to our Myspace site.

I am totally sold out for the 'hdfh' EP, which was a collaboration between NPP!, US label Vendlus Records and webzine Nocturnal Cult. Head on to the Vendlus or Nocturnal Cult websites to grab the last copies, or check the distros listed on my link page.

22.02.07 Rip-off warning
Unfortunately I was ripped off recently by a guy from Serbia, so I had to make a rip-off page to warn other distros. You may find it on the bottom left menu.

12.02.07 Phonecall from Sweden
When I woke up on Sunday morning I had received an unanswered call on my cell phone and a message on my voicemail. It turned out to be quite an amusing late night call from a couple of Swedish grinders, and you can hear it here. http://www.jigsoreterror.com http://www.birdflesh.net

22.01.07 No Posers Please! on tour
This weekend I joined Norwegian bands Audiopain and Grotesque Hysterectomy on the road, selling merchandise on a couple of gigs around Norway. I also sold a lot of my own vinyl records. Thanks to everyone who came out at the shows.

Grotesque Hysterectomy
On Friday the venue was the Hydranten in the inland city of Hamar. Between 50 and 100 people showed up, not bad for a small city of about 28,000 people. First up was brutal death metal band Grotesque Hysterectomy. Guttural death metal is the stuff you get to hear from these guys, and being their first ever live gig they did a good job. http://www.deathmetal.no Next up was Dead Trooper, playing thrash/heavy metal in the vein of Pantera, Metallica and Sepultura, having to make a last-minute decision to perform as a trio
because the bass player displayed serious stomach issues. http://www.deadtrooper.com These guys were able to work up the audience quite well, preparing the ground for 80's thrash worshippers Audiopain. You have to have a heart of stone not to get charmed by this crew of old school maniacs. They are sort of bad-ass with their over-the-top Lemmy-position microphone stand and cool 70's guitars, the drummer is even draped in bullet belts and a WWII helmet, but still he is such a nice guy you just want to get on stage and give him a big bear hug! If you are remotely interested in thrash metal you do not want to miss these guys' live show. Audiopain fans can look forward to a new self-released 10" vinyl slab called 'A bomb's view'. http://www.audiopain.com

Saturday took us to the exotic outpost of Sogndal, a sleepy town of about 7,000 inhabitants located deep within the Sognefjord, for a show at the Støy Festival. http://www.stoy.no The turnout being quite low this time, Grotesque Hysterectomy got into some Spinal Tap-ish issues. After their intro they started playing their ultra-brutal death metal, but the stage carpet would not open! The vocalist came out from behind the carpet doing his guttural grunts, and finally the carpet went aside, exposing the rest of the band. That's rock'n roll! Before yet another bone-splitting show from Audiopain, laying waste 99% of all other thrash metal acts, it was time for Dead Trooper again, who now had support from bass player Didrik of Grotesque Hysterectomy. In one day, while we were barely
making it across the snowy windswept mountains of Western Norway, this guy listened to the Dead Trooper songs on an MP3 player, picked up all the bass lines by himself, performing live on stage with Dead Trooper in the evening. And looking quite relaxed! An awesome effort. Didrik also plays bass in Obliteration, another Norwegian death metal band, who now have secured a contract with Peaceville sub-label Tyrant Syndicate, run by Darkthrone members Ted and Gylve. This label sports the interesting roster of Old, 80's style German black metal, Abscess, with their new album Horrorhammer, and Norwegian black thrashers Aura Noir in addition to Obliteration. I got to listen to some new material from Obliteration's upcoming album backstage, and to me it sounded like some of the best old school death metal I have heard in years. Fans of Autopsy and the likes should be chuffed. http://www.obliteration.tk, http://www.tyrantsyndicate.com

11.01.07 Nasum's grand finale on vinyl
I received a new LP today. It's the latest (but apparently not final) output from Nasum, 'Grind Finale', commemorating late frontman Mieszko Talarczyk. What a jaw-dropping release! The price is $50, but worth your easy-earned pennies. Consisting of 152 songs on 4 LP's in a triple gatefold sleeve, with a 12" size 24-page booklet and a poster, it clocks in at more than two hours of pure grind. The material presented on the LP's are the different splits, 7" EP's and compilations Nasum have participated on. In the booklet every recording session is described in detail,
and the lyrics for all songs are included (now that's not less than 152 social issues for you to think about while stuffing that McDonalds burger). The vinyl colour is black, and each inner sleeve has cool band photos and a metallic foil stamped Nasum logo in different colours. Needless to say the music rocks. This is a release made out of love. I wish all box sets was made with such passion (and this is not even a box set!). It was printed in 1,000 copies, so get one now before it's too late, either directly from the Canadian label Unrest Records, or a decent distributor such as Relapse Records in the US or Wasted Sounds Distribution in Sweden.

07.01.07 Report from Just Killers Fest
Happy new year to everyone! I have been traveling a lot the last two months, so updates have been scarce. But now a lot of new items are in the webshop, like the new Birdflesh/Splatterhouse split, see the "New in stock" page for info.


Cock And Ball Torture

Nude stagediving

Pungent Stench
I spent Christmas in Paris, from which I had the possibility to drive across the border to Germany for the grindcore festival 'Just Killers - No Fillers! Fest IV'. The drive proved to be quite long, to my utter dismay missing Splitter, Anal Whore and Stoma, we made it alive for German grind bands Blood and Cock And Ball Torture, and last but not least Austrian godfathers of s&m, Pungent Stench!! The bands were of course amazing, and so was the German audience, with mosh pits, stage diving and crowd surfing. A totally different experience from the reserved Norwegian crowd. BLOOD played their well-proven blasting grindcore, with a very energetic singer. They've been grinding for 20 years, so don't expect the youngest guys in class if you go to see their live show. Very cool live band indeed. Up next was COCK AND BALL TORTURE, another long-running German act. These guys played fairly slow old school goregrind with pitch shifted vocals and down-tuned guitars (actually you could buy endorsed custom guitar strings at the merch stand). I believe the vocalist was trying to say "danke schön" between songs, who knows with the totally over-the-top pitch shifted vocal effect. Finally time for PUNGENT STENCH, doing a great show with lots of humour and rock'n roll attitude. But the crowd was really getting drunk and tired now. At one point one guy was even stage diving totally in the nude! Great merchandise stands was provided by Cudgel Agency, Power It Up and Morbid Records. For info on next year's festival, go to http://www.justkillersfest.net.

Before France I spent three weeks in the vicinity of Gdansk, Poland. Unfortunately I was not able to attend any shows by the thriving Polish death/grind/gore scene. But strangely enough, while driving, we passed by a horrible car accident. Arriving even before the ambulance, we were able to be standing just meters away as the fire department blocked
the streets and they pulled out the blue-in-the-face half dead driver from the twisted pile of debris. I felt somewhat like in the middle of a Dead Infection lyric (which comprises "gore, road casualty, fatal accidents and putrefaction", according to Metal Archives).

10.11.06 NPP! becomes Myspace whore!
NPP! is now on Myspace! For now I only have a puny 3 friends, so please click the Myspace icon on the bottom left menu and add me to your friend lists.

09.11.06 Cool new LP from Dead Infection
I received a new LP today, from the Polish goregrind band DEAD INFECTION. It contains one of their two demos, 'World full of remains' from 1991-93, in its entirety. The music you will find here is old school goregrind in the vein of early Regurgitate and Carcass, with pitch shifted vocals, and a certain hardcore influence. Of course no drum machines or stuff like that. This is also a great chance to enjoy the magnificent
artwork, the photography of two US state troopers inspecting a severely mutilated corpse (they don't seem quite sure what to do with it), in glorious 12" size. Order your copy from Underground Front Records (http://www.ufrontrec.prv.pl), other Polish distros, like Selfmadegod (http://www.selfmadegod.com), or directly from the band at http://www.deadinfection.info.

08.11.06 Promo packages
I have been trading quite a lot with other distros lately, so about 25 distro titles coming in soon. At the moment there are no new releases ready to print for No Posers Please!, but some loose deals has been made for 2007. I am very eager to release new high-quality music, so do not be shy sending in those promo packages. But please have a look on what I have released so far before you lick those stamps. Although I do have a certain fetish for receiving stuff in the mail, there is just no use wasting your cash if your band does not fit the label profile.

Here are some of the bands I have received promo packages from. Some of these are very good, and hopefully there will be a release in the future. While others may be very good bands which I enjoy listening to a lot, but they might not fit the label profile 100%. Either way check them out!

Sworn Old school death metal from Sweden. They already have a MCD out on Nuclear Winter Records. http://www.sworn.tk

Throat Violence Thrash metal from Norway. http://www.myspace.com/throatviolence

Terrordrome Brutal death metal from Greece. I hear they have inked a deal with Grindethic Records. http://www.terrordrome.net

Excoriate Old school death metal from Germany. Some cool cassette demos released so far. Very nice old school visuals throughout all their output! http://mitglied.lycos.de/smokedemon/

26.10.06 New in stock page
To keep this frontpage/newsblog a bit more clean, I have created a separate 'New in stock' page. So click on that to see which new titles are available. Some cool new stuff in the distro, like the Audiopain/Dead To This World split.

09.09.06 Distro reaches 100 items
A lot of new items in the distro today, totalling the number of available titles in the webshop to a 100!

08.08.06 Link page
I have added a link page. It's not too big yet, but hopefully it will expand.

26.07.06 New Skitsystem split in the distro
The new split from Skitsystem and Cyness is a killer release. Skitsystem should need no introduction, the brutal Swedish hardcore/crust band initially with members from At the Gates. Cyness is a very cool and brutal Grindcore band, I imagine this is what Terrorizer would have sounded like if they came from Germany, so this release should appeal to both grindcore and death metal fans
alike. I have the regular black vinyl edition (600 copies) in the distro, but for hard core collectors (no pun intended), there are also colour vinyl copies with a slightly different sleeve (100 red, 100 blue, 100 yellow, white). The coloured vinyls were divided like this:
Skitsystem - most blue and yellow copies (go figure)
Cyness - most red copies
Release party - all white copies
Unsociable Records - mix
So if you're looking to track down all the colours, go get'em, or cry later!

06.07.06 dISEMBOWELMENT vinyl box out
Some time ago I stumbled upon 3XM Productions (on the Myspace, gaah!, I admit it). 3XM is short for XXX Maniac, a drum machine style goregrind band (I'm sorry to say I dislike that particular style of goregrind, but if you're into newer Mortician and the likes, check it out). Now, the point of all this is that 3XM are releasing a vinyl box of dISEMBOWELMENT, a long-
gone, fantastic Australian death/doom band. To my dismay they have only been available on CD before, so this is a great opportunity to get most of the dISEMBOWELMENT catalogue on vinyl. Relapse is going to distribute this, but I think 3XM is the only place to get the coloured vinyl edition.
Update: Got the box set. It is a decent way to feed your craving vinyl deck with the dISEMBOWELMENT catalogue, but nothing more. There are three LP's in the box, along with a printed patch and a medium size poster. Each release does not have its own 7"/10"12", and there are no outer sleeves with artwork, only inner sleeves. The poster is simply butt ugly, with a picture of a stupid statue which has been given the old filter treatment by a Photoshop 1.01 student. All in all I would say this is a typical seen-it-before box set, looks more like a readymade Relapse product than 3XM having anything to do with this (I believe the Atheist box set looked exactly like this). Box sets should be made out of love, love is unique. And I didn't get the colored vinyl edition, bummer!

20.06.06 New NPP! release
The Endwarfment EP has arrived from the pressing plant. I take orders as of today. The EP is called "World downsfall", so you may guess we are talking about ultra-brutal grindcore with a twist to the political correctness confining many of the bands in the -core scene. It is pressed on half and half black and grey vinyl, and the sleeve has a silver metallic foil logo. Limited to 565 hand numbered copies.

10.06.06 New NPP! releases
The Abominat and Lobotomized EP's have arrived from the pressing plant. I take orders as of today. The Endwarfment EP is on its way as well.

The Abominat EP is called "Storms of calamity", it's orthodox death metal from Norway, brutal, heavy, fast and clever. These guys were frozen in time in 1993, and are only brought to room temperature now and then to record skullcrushing death metal. The EP is pressed on brown vinyl, and comes with a xerox copied insert on beige paper. The sleeve has embossed artwork. Limited to 565 hand numbered copies.

The Lobotomized EP is called "Fuckn Lobotomized". Sleazy punk-death metal from Norway. This motley crew will tear you a new asshole while combing their mullets. In fact they're the sleaziest guys I know. The EP is pressed on black vinyl, with an embossed gatefold cover. Limited to 565 hand numbered copies.

25.05.06 NPP! is online
The webshop is starting to look as a real underground distro, and not just the commercial-looking interface Open Source Commerce is bundled with. OSC is a freeware e-commerce solution, perfectly necro for my little distro. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks, starting a webshop is hell when you don’t know any html at all.

The Abominat, Endwarfment and Lobotomized EP’s are at the pressing plant. I am using Pirates Press, an American agency for GZMedia in the Chezh Republic. GZ is the biggest and cheapest pressing plant, but the people there are notorious for their commie era-style communications skills.

In other news Abominat are rehearsing with a new vocalist, and looking for a bass player (the drummer has been handling the bass duties so far). Hopefully we’ll get to see them live in the future. Diskord are waiting for their debut album “Doomscapes” to be released on CD through Edgerunner Music (www.edgerunnermusic.com). Lobotomized have booked the analogue Spendless Studio once again in July to record a follow-up to their s/t debut EP. Up-and-coming US goregrind label Last House On The Right (Bill from Relapse/Exit-13) has shown interest for the band. My guess is LHOTR will be a force to be reckoned with in the future (http://www.myspace.com/lasthouseontheright). There’s a nice interview with Lobotomized published in the Nocturnal Cult webzine (http://www.nocturnalcult.com), check it out! Endwarfment have just released their debut album “The paralympic sessions” on CD through Duplicate Records (http://www.duplicate-records.com), and have two vinyl EP’s lined up besides the “World downsfall” release for NPP! There’s a split with Norway’s fastest thrashcore band, Victimised, coming out on Plata Records (http://www.platarecords.no), and a split with Hellstorm coming out on Apocalyptic Empire (http://www.apocalypticempire.com). Hopefully there will be yet another split, this time with black metal douche freaks Nattefrost.



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